Mecuris wins “IMAGINE IF” Final in Munich – 5th July, 2016

Marek Kozlowski Written by Marek Kozlowski
Published on 09 July 2016
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DSC_0761 Munich Innovation Forum successfully ran “IMAGINE IF” local final on 5th of July, at Deutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen e. V. (DZNE) in Munich. Among 7 pitches from startups than span: Digital Health, Medical Devices, Therapeutics,  Platform Technology, Clean Tech and New Materials, two were rated as Top 2 in the first edition of IMAGINE IF Accelerator in Munich. The winner – Mecuris (3D-print of custom made prostheses & orthoses; wins 1.000 Euro, and Inveox (automatization of pathology analysis; was a runner up with 300 Euro prize.  

In more details, Mecuris strives to empower physicians and orthopaedic technicians to 3D-print patient-specific prostheses & orthoses without prior 3D design or 3D printing know-how. The Mecuris solution platform uses patient images like CT, MRI or 3D scans, to semi-automatically individualise 3D designs of patient aids and make them ready-to-print at a local 3D printing hub. This enables a 100% customised fit and cuts production times by 75% for the medical practitioners and patients.

At the same time, Inveox aims to revolutionize the preparation procedure of human tissue samples in cancer diagnosis by truly automating “current standards” – of manual handling process in pathology laboratories. Inveox’s vision is pathology 4.0, which enables safe and fast tissue sample processing with a high quality, as well as real time diagnosis. Inveox developed and further improves the “smart container” for tissue samples enabling an automated machine for the first time ever to prepare standardized object plates needed for digital image processing and pathology diagnosis. 

Congratulations and keep up with a good work!

(photo, from left to right) Dr. Murat Yildiz (Avergen Pharmaceuticals), Dr. Marek Kozlowski (Innovation Forum), Maria Driesel (Inveox), Felix Gundlack (CTO, Mecuris), Manuel Opitz (CEO, Mecuris), Jordan Ojeda González (R&D Engineer, Mecuris), Benjamin Anstett (Innovation Forum), Dr. Olaf Ritzeler (SANOFI), Alkmini Papadopoulou (Innovation Forum)

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